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A Night of Royal Elegance 2021

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Whether you are an individual interested in becoming more involved in ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ as a contributor or volunteer, or you are a business who wishes to support or sponsor us, your contribution provides support that is vital to the ongoing success of ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’.

In exchange for your support and generosity we offer a range of tailor-made sponsorship packages with benefits to suit you and your company’s needs.

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We look to promote this event through multiple media channels that range from online, direct mail, email campaigns, press releases, media partnerships, social media and foot soldiering. We also enjoy excellent coverage through radio, newspaper and magazine interviews as ] well as online coverage, within which we ensure to promote our partner’s branding.

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Dance Tours would like to sincerely thank the following individuals, organisations and institutions for their support.

We acknowledge that through their encouragement and contribution we are able to present first class-education & performance programmes that we are proud to offer to young dancers & enthusiasts around the world.

Special Thanks

We have to thank Kevin O’Hare (Director of The Royal Ballet), Lady Deborah MacMillan, Anthony Russel Roberts - the individual owner of the Ashton works, Dame Monica Mason (Former Director of The Royal Ballet), Miyako Yoshida, Patricia Neary, Wayne McGregor, Liam Scarlett and Christopher Wheeldon amongst many others for their constant support of this performance and all of Dance Tours’ educational initiatives.

We would also like to extend a very warm thank you to David Campaign and Nanako Machiyama.


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