Business Support Packages

A Night of Royal Elegance 2021

Advertise in the Programme


Advertising in ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ Souvenir Programme is the perfect opportunity to be part of this event and at the same time promote your brand to a targeted audience and position your company as a key supplier to your industry. Prices start from ¥40,000 for a Quarter size page.

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Set-up Shop Package


This is a great way to increase your brand’s exposure to a targeted audience, and position yourself as a key supplier in your industry.

Setting-up your own display booth at the theatre offers opportunities for your business to benefit from selling your own merchandise in the foyer during the three days of performances.

    Pricing structure:

  • £1300 (or the equivalent 14 tickets). = 1 table.
  • £2600 (or the equivalent 28 tickets) = 2 tables.
  • £3900 (or the equivalent 42 tickets) = 3 tables.
  • £5200 (or the equivalent 58 tickets) = 4 tables.

When you purchase a table space you receive a full-page colour advertisement free in our Souvenir Programme.

All tickets for this package must be bought directly through ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’.

Hold an Event


For Y310,000 (or the equivalent 22 tickets), you can hold an event at a location of your choice with one or two dancers from ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’.

When you purchase this event (worth Y310,000) you will receive a full page colour advertisement (worth Y200,000) free from us in our Souvenir Programme.

This is a great offer and a unique opportunity to increase your brand’s exposure to a targeted audience and benefit from the association to ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ and its dancers.

    Example event

  • One or two dancers from ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’.
  • Talk/Interview
  • Question & Answer from the audience
  • Signing opportunity
  • Photograph opportunity
  • Ticket sales opportunity
  • Event time 2hrs in length

*Contact us to discuss the prices for additional dancers or multiple events.

Host your own event


We invite sponsorship opportunities for your organisation to host its own event with full usage of ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ dancers. This is a great opportunity for your company to host the perfect event while associating your brand to these dancers.

    Pricing structure:

  • Minimum amount of sponsorship £5000 (or the equivalent 54 tickets) = 2 dancers for a period of 5 hrs.
  • Any additional dancer = £1800 (or the equivalent 20 tickets) per dancer.
  • Maximum amount of sponsorship £19400 (or the equivalent 217 tickets) = Full usage of all 10 dancers for a period of 5 hrs.