Souvenir Programme Advertisement

A Night of Royal Elegance 2021


You can choose to advertise in the program without buying a package or becoming a Friend.

Advertising in ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ Souvenir Programme is the perfect opportunity to be part of this event and at the same time promote your brand to a targeted audience and position your company as a key supplier to your industry.


The high-quality glossy programme will be sold at all 3 performances of ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’. The audience is comprised mainly of adults’ dance enthusiasts and families with children in the 09 to 21 year old age bracket. The programme is full of varied editorial items and photographs featuring the dancers. The spectacular images of the dancers and the opportunity to have the programme signed by them makes it the perfect programme to keep or be given as a gift, ensuring it has a long shelf life in the home. Our programmes are also kept for reference by the children and their parents, who are actively looking for guidance towards vocational schools and dance suppliers.

Additionally, the programme is used as ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ primary marketing and promotional tool. Copies are sent out throughout the year to philanthropists, potential benefactors and decision makers in corporations to raise sponsorship for ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’. Copies are also displayed and circulated at exclusive events.

The high proportion of the ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ audience comes from Tokyo and its surrounding area. The Premiere night audience is a full house of some of the most influential people in business and dance from around the world. Our fan events are also packed with some of the most loyal dance enthusiast on the planet.

Programme discription

The ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ souvenir programme is B5 in size and has been acclaimed for its high quality of content and artistic production. There is a high percentage of editorial content (75%/25%).

Advertising Rates

Advertising in performance programmes - We offer various sized display adverts in the programme.

  • Full page with-out border (colour) / 237*162 mm / ¥200,000** (please check offer below)
  • Full page with-out border (b&w)/ 237*162 mm / ¥140,000
  • Full page with border (colour) / 237*162 mm / ¥150,000
  • Full page with border (b&w) / 237*162 mm/ ¥125,000
  • Half page (colour) Horizontal / 113.5mm * 162mm / ¥97,500
  • Half page (b&w) Vertical / 113.5mm * 162mm / ¥80,000
  • Half page (b&w) Horizontal / 113.5mm * 162mm / ¥80,000
  • *Quarter page (colour) / 113.5*76 mm / ¥55,000
  • *Quarter page (b&w) / 113.5*76 mm / ¥40,000

2014 Program Example


  • ADVERTISING SPACE DEADLINE: Wednesday 30th May 2018
  • ARTWORK DEADLINE: Wednesday 30th May 2018
  • Quarter pages are limited so will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Please supply artwork by email with all fonts and high-resolution (300 dpi) images included.
  • Please send a hard copy for proofing. If you require the artwork to be created for you, we are happy to do so for an extra cost.

Proof of Performance

‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ has performed to sold out audiences in Japan and around the world since 2012. In August 2018, 3,600 people will see the Stars of The Royal Ballet perform again in ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’.

The proof of performance of our performance can be seen by reading our reviews and the proof of advertising with ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ programme is clear from the companies that take adverts year after year: Kao, Central Sports, Chacott, Shinjukumura studios, Ballet Navi, Komakusa ltd., Tokyo inter-High school for example, and spaces have been booked in advance for 2018.

Voted Top performance in Tokyo 2012 & 2014 By On*Stage Newspaper & Dance Magazine Supported by the British Council and The Royal Ballet 2012, 2014 and again in 2018

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