On Tour With The Dancers

A Night of Royal Elegance 2021


Dance Tours Productions invites you to Join us in Japan, Tokyo, for ‘A Night of Royal Elegance 2018’.

If you have a passion for dance, travel, and love the British style and want to combine these passions together, then this experience is right for you.

Dance Tours’ “A Night of Royal Elegance” tour is designed and managed by leading professionals in the dance industry and is a perfect balance of dance, touring and cultural activities for you to enjoy.

With over 15 years’ experience in the dance & tourism industry Dance Tours will provide a tour that has a unique understanding and local knowledge of Japan and its people.

When you travel with Dance Tours you will be part of a small family. We provide a tailor-made tour by offering you some real hidden gems.

Because of the size of the performing group our tour will be more intimate and friendly. This is a unique opportunity to observe what dancers do to get prepared for a performance and get to know them better as individuals.

You will also witness first-hand the work that Dance Tours does in Japan to promote ‘the British Style’ culminating in “A Night of Royal Elegance” performances, a true showcase of elegance & style. We look forward to seeing you there!

Being on tour with ‘A Night of Royal Elegance 2018’ will give you the rare and unique opportunity to mingle with the stars of the performance, gain insight into what it is like to be a professional dancer on tour and socialise with other dance enthusiasts who share your love and passion for dance.

While on Tour you will get to see behind the scenes aspects of the performance and gain access to its dancers. Moreover, you will be getting to see some of the world’s top dancers perform on stage in Tokyo from the very best seats in the house.

During the tour you will enjoy an onstage Dress Rehearsal and Fan Meeting where you will see the world famous devotion of the Japanese fans while they meet the dancers. Students will have the oppertunity to join a Dance Tours' workshop, while enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit a Dance Tours’ workshop and see the dancers at work teaching Japanese students a Ballet and Repertoire class based on the British style.

Dance Tours’ “A Night of Royal Elegance” invites you to experience the very best cultural and educational tourism Japan has to offer. You will enjoy sightseeing excursions and the culture activities in the very heart of the nation’s capital, Tokyo, all in a safe and fully supervised environment.

You will visit some of Japan’s world-renowned tourist destinations and experience centuries old temples, castles and historical monuments.

You will also enjoy typical Japanese experiences provided by local people. You will also experience eating out in Japanese restaurants and be tempted by some of Japan’s most famous shopping locations.

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