Dance as Art Competition

A Night of Royal Elegance 2021


This year we are holding our own ‘Dance as Art’ competition. You are all invited to take part in the competition.

The competition is open to anyone who likes drawing. You can send your artwork to us from now.

Entries close on the 15th August. Winning works will be announced on the 25th August and exhibited at the show.

The judges for the competition will be professional Manga artist Mr Adachi Takafumi, Mr Justin Meissner director of Dance Tours Productions & producer of ‘A Night of Royal Elegance’ as well as one of the dancers from the show.

Concept and Competition


Dance has inspired some of the greatest artists of our history and we would love our show to inspire many more, that is why we are giving all of you an opportunity to enter our "Dance as Art" competition.

Whether you are already an artists or art student or you simply love drawing, we are giving you the chance to unleash your inner creativity. All drawings will be sent to A Night of Royal Elegance and the winner will be chosen by the beginning of August by Adachi and Dance Tours. We are looking for art work that amazes us, maybe through technical ability or personality or imagination, or that captures the story or its characters. Everyone is in with a chance of winning.

We will post two stories from two ballets that will be performed in our 2018 show this August with as much detail as possible. We will then ask you to send us your drawing with your vision of one of these stories. There are no specifications to the style of art you should use or how you should present your work. You can choose to draw one of the characters or the whole scenario to create a story board or take a component of the story that inspires you most, you can research the piece and find photos to use as a base or you can simply let your imagination take to you wherever it wants to take you.


    The winner of the competition will receive:

  • two free tickets to the show
  • the winning work exhibited in the lobby of the theatre.
  • a meet the cast backstage tour at the end of the performance
  • A one to one meeting with Adachi himself during the interval when you will have a chance to discuss anything you want with him.

We will also be choosing two runner ups whose work will also be exhibited in the foyer of the theatre during the performance dates. All applicants will get the opportunity to buy tickets for the show directly from Dance Tours with a special "Dance as Art" discount. We will give the money back to the winner for the equivalent of two tickets if he or she have already made a purchase. If you are 15 or younger you can enter our Junior competition. You just have to put 'Junior' next to your drawing.

    The prize for the winner in this category is:

  • 2 tickets for the show.
  • the winning work exhibited in the lobby of the theatre.
  • a meet the cast backstage tour at the end of the performance
  • An original signed Adachi drawing for you to be inspired by.

There will also be two runner ups whose work will also be exhibited in the foyer under the Junior category.

2018 Winner


2018 Runner-up


Feature Judge

Adachi was inspired by our show of A Night of Royal Elegance 2012 in Tokyo. During the show he was inspired by the many different styles each dancer displayed and the many faces of ballet shown through its repertoire, from funny to emotional to fierce to classical. This pushed his imagination to something new for him and to the collaboration with one of our dancers in the show to create ' Manga Hero'. He continues to be fascinated by dance and specially the male dancer and his strength and versatility within the art form.

We believe this story can become the story of many artists out there.

Takafumi Adachi

I did not know anything about ballet until 2010. ( I used to watch theatre plays.) When I got married with my wife, I watched Cirque du Soleil since she recommended. I was surprised by “ the possibility of the human body “. I also experienced “ the origin of entertainment “ from opera. I was touched by the universality and beauty of the traditional drama. From there, I think watching ballet was almost inevitable.

The impression of watching the ballet for the first time was “surprise".

My image of ballet was graceful, elegant, and beautiful, but boring.

However there was “extremely powerful as entertainment” of ballet. No mater ballet has no line … No, because there is no line, everyone can enjoy without regard to race/ language. With acrobatic steps and delicate mime, the story speaks eloquently. By "expression of body", the heart is shaken directly and moves.

I was so impressed by this surprise and I started watching a lots of ballet.


Fortunately, top ballet companies of various countries come to perform in Japan. I spent great time by watching ballet for several years.

I watched a lot of ballet performances at theaters every day. (I literally went to the theater almost every single day!)

And the summer of 2012 I found Steven McRae who was performing in the world ballet festival in Tokyo.

Steven is absolutely talented.He looked as the whole body were shinning.

I was recommended for my draft of "Ballet Hero Fantasy" who saw his talent over me, and I decided to watch “A night of Royal Elegance" which Steven was performing in the same summer. I participated in the fan meeting of “A Night of Royal Elegance, I met with Steven in person for the first time there, I promised to make something together.

Yes! Without “A Night of Royal Elegance", my comic "Ballet Hero Fantasy" born by collaboration with Steven did not exist in this world. This encounter was such a big deal.

I will not forget the shock of "I Got Rhythm” which I saw in the gala.

I really appreciate everyone in Dance Tours who gave me a wonderful encounter.

Adachi Takafumi


Takafumi Adachi’s Ballet Comic

Ballet Hero Fantasy Dan’s Adventure feat. Steven McRae

Act 1: “World of the Nutcracker” by Takafumi Adachi (Author), O-hi (Consultant Editor), Steven McRae (Consultant Editor), Shinshokan (Corporation)

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  • Part 1&2 books are on sale as well.

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