Our mission is to create a programme that will let the audience observe each dancer in many different ways highlighting their versatility and technique. Each item is carefully chosen to create a balanced programme reflecting brilliant technique, humour and dramatic intensity to produce an evening of pure artistry.




Dance Tours' "A Night of Royal Elegance" is a showcase event of the best of British ballet this time featuring ten Top dancers from The Royal Ballet. It is a show with a unique feel that focuses not only on the versatility and technical aspect of dance, but also the artistic and theatrical aspect. You will experience the power of dance and why it is one of the most expressive and beautiful art forms. 


The repertoire for A Night of Royal Elegance is carefully chosen and crafted to take you on a journey. You will be dazzled by the technical brilliance showcased. You will see love, passion and humour displayed on stage that will make you cry and laugh out loud.

There will be well known pieces and some pieces new to the Japanese audience as well as world premiers.  You will breath and live with the dancers on stage, creating a unique intimate feeling not to be missed.


These top dancers are some of the best in the world, acclaimed on the British stage for their ability to capture the elegance, speed, drama and artistry of the British style.

You have seen them on the screen through cinema relays, so do not miss this opportunity to watch them live. Admire the well established partnerships and discover some new ones while seeing your favourite dancers take on many different roles and different styles during the one evening. Prepare yourself to be amazed by these top class artists!

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